Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Fishing

Man the snow is deep here in the Heber Valley.

I arrived in town for a meeting tomorrow with just enough time to head over the mountain in search of open water and hungry browns.

I soon realized that my mobility would be severely hindered by the deep snow but I figured I could at least fish the big hole on Snake Creek.

The hole was open but there was evidence of some other fishermen who had recently been visiting the spot as their bait containers and some bloody snow were all that remained.

I was optimistic and tried the white curly tailed grub which produced three fish in the 15-17" range. All three were caught at the tail of the pool.

I tried to move downstream but the snow was almost over my hip boots so I rested the pool for a few minutes then started working it over from downstream with a chartreuse roostertail.

I picked up one last 13" fish and had another one perform an aerobatic LDCR.

The temperature started dropping soon after the sun sank behind the mountains and it was time to head for the hotel.

Deep Snow

The Big Pool

FIrst Brown - Nice Color!

Victim of the White Grub

Silver and Gold

Chartreuse RT

I may get to visit the creek one more time before heading home if the weather cooperates.

Stay tuned......


Bawana said...

Try checking out them bait containers, they even have a little picture on the outside to point you in the right direction. ( I am but a worm )

Paul Batchelder said...

That garden hackle may not make through the homeland security boys at the airport, but looks like the grub and rooostertail are old hat for them now. It's good to see the grub working across state lines....