Friday, November 02, 2007

Jack and Elsie

Many times while staying in the travel trailer, we meet some interesting neighbors. This trip was no exception and as we were getting set up, I noticed an older couple parked next to us.

It didn’t take long before I had the truck unhitched, the jacks down, and the utilities hooked up, and I was ready to wet a line in the Colorado River. We were lucky to get a spot that was only a few paces away from the shoreline and I took the 10ft surf rod out to try my luck.

My neighbor came over to see what I was doing and to introduce himself.

“Jack from Hondo” is how the introductions went. He and his wife Elsie were down from the hill country for a month of fishing. They looked to be in their seventies and said this was their fifteenth year of coming to Matagorda to fish.

When I met Elsie later I mentioned fishing to her and asked if they were hoping for reds, trout, or what. “We are strictly Flounder Fishermen”, she informed me. I later learned from Jack that she was the fisherman in the family. “That Canadian gal loves to fish,” Jack stated. “I’m too old to do much of anything,” he said more than once.

Tracy and I suspected that this may be one of the last trips they make to the coast. They were showing signs of aging – physical signs and a loss of confidence about certain things.

But mention flounder and Elsie’s eyes would light up.

She was always dressed nice - even for fishing. Not fancy or overdone, just well coordinated and proper.

Here are some pictures:

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Jack and Elsie waiting for a flounder.

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Two Fishermen

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Early Morning on the Colorado

I was informed that last year they caught 60 flounder starting on the 15th of November through the end of the month. Elsie told us that there used to be a fish camp on this spot and showed me where the old wreck used to be prior to the LCRA purchasing the land and building the RV park.

Jack said, "That gal was born in Canada and said, 'Once a Canadian always a Canadian'. I told her she couldn't vote unless she got her US citizenship but she said, 'I don't need to vote!'"

They only use live bait - mullet or mud minnows that Jack catches in the cast net and they only go for rod and reel fishing, "I don't think gigging them at night would be much fun", said Jack.

He had seen the flounder boats combing the shore the previous night looking for the flatfish.

I suspect that they will be catching fish before long. Once a good cold front hits the flounder will be heading for their winter retreat to the Gulf of Mexico.


Paul Batchelder said...

I think the first real front is here tonight!

Bawana said...

Thanks for sharing them with us they seem like a special couple.