Saturday, September 29, 2007

Silver And Gold

Today is Fair Day.

The Fort Bend County fair is a big deal and lots of folks are involved - good that means less people will be fishing!

Tracy and I made a plan that I would get up early and go kayak fishing in the marsh and after lunch we would go to Matagorda for some shell-picking and surf fishing.

The weather was supposed to be good and I had been itching to get the boat in McNab Lake all summer. I got up at 5AM and since everything had been loaded the evening before I was on the road in short order.

I was paddling into the marsh just after 7AM and the crabbers and folks looking for bait were already showing up at the launch.

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Early Morning in the Marsh

Someday I will listen to the voices in my head that tell me to paddle non-stop until I reach the lake but not this day.

I have a hard time passing up bait jumping and big swirls.

I finally reached the cove where I had previously caught reds and switched from the topwater I had been throwning to a 3" New Penny Gulp Shrimp. I tagged a rat red and got these nice pictures:

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Rat Red

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Gold Digger

The sky over me was still clear but dark clouds were gathering in the west and a breeze was kicking up making it difficult to stay in one position.

I kept hearing a fish busting bait nearby in the marsh and decided to cast a few times as close as I could get without moving gthe boat. I was pretty firmly wedged in some marsh grass and had a fairly good orientation to the spot. On the third cast I got a hit and as I tightened up I knew I was in the "gold".

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This 21" bulldog gave me a great fight. He swallowed the hook so I tied on a #2 kahle hook and rigged up another Gulp.

I was juiced after stringing him up and promptly missed another on my next cast. These reds would mouth the bait and sit still while doing so. If you thought a fish was taking the shrimp, you had to wait until it started moving before setting the hook. I pulled the shrimp right out of the fish's mouth!

The weather was going from bad to worse and I headed for the launch.

On the way in I came upon a spot where a slough emptied into the main channel. The bait was nervous and jumpy and I decided to try a cast or two. It was a good thing I did as Mr. Big was just laying there waiting for me!

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Two Reds

I was a happy camper when I got him on the stringer and kept moving towards the road when I saw a blow-up along the side ahead of me. I eased out my trusty rod and dropped Mr. Gulp about 10 yards ahead of the comotion and began working it back.

I was pleasantly surprised when I hooked a keeper speck on the retrieve.

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Silver & Gold

I had two more opportunities but let's just say that they will be there for another trip. I had some unique experiences this morning fishing in the marsh, like this crab posed for a shot and then proceeding to literally rip the shrimp to shreds before I could get him to turn loose.

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Turn Me Loose

Don't fall out of the boat!


Paul Batchelder said...

Now that's what I'm talkin about! Nice looking supper! Now you make me want to load the biat and head south! Glad you had a good morning.

Bawana said...

Don't fall in the water is right! Thats why you Guys hang around there, must have been a blast in your SOT. Nice going John.