Friday, August 24, 2007

Lake Arcadia, OK

This was the week to take Matt back to school at Oklahoma Christian University or "OC" as it is known by the students.

Tracy and I took the travel trailer and stayed at the Central State Park campground and I was ready to chase the carp with a fly rod.

When we arrived, it was obvious that "Plan A" may have to be revised as the wind was blowing steadily and there had been so much rain that the lake was a lot higher than normal. This had all the traditional feeding patterns of the fish messed up so after an unsuccessful attempt at using the fly rod, I switched to the spinning gear.

I was going to have most of an afternoon free as Tracy was going to Panera Bread so she could log on and check her blogs & e-mail. I got a license and some bait and grabbed a sandwich before heading down about 11:30 AM. I had been successful last year in finding some bluegills and small fish off the shore and was sure that I could do the same even under these conditions.

The wind finally settled down and I caught some small fish off a point with some frozed shrimp and worms (yes Mark WORMS).

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Fishing Companions

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White Bass

I caught several small largemouth bass right up tight to the shore.

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Baby Bigmouth

I was fooling around the rocks with the UL and a #16 treble hook baited with a small piece of shrimp when just as I was lifting the line up out of the water I saw a big mouth engulf the shrimp and the fight was on.

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Pescado Gato

This 17-1/2", 2-lb channel catfish gave me quite a ride but finally came to hand up against the rocks.

I continued to fish along and found some more whites at a spot around the corner.
I was catching them two at a time on tandem-rigged white grubs and 1/8 oz jig heads.

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Look Familiar Paul?

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Two Headed Fish?

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About 2:30 PM the sky got really dark and I began hearing thunder off in the distance. I didn't know it but a strong t-storm was barreling my way with wind gusts up to 60mph and heavy rain & hail. I spooled up the line as the sky closed in and made my way to the trailer. The local news was carying the story and I saw the radar just about the time the sirens went off to clear the lake of any boat traffic.

Tracy was safe & sound at Panera Bread in town and we talked on the phone deciding that she needed to stay put until the storm passed by. I battened down the hatches and the storm came through dumping rain and a little hail but the winds were not too bad where I was. Just a couple of miles south it was stronger but it moved on through in about an hour.

Everything cleared off and I even got a nice sunset pic to end the day.

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Bawana said...

Please- Please attach a picture of the Worms and a worm can and my life will be complete!

Paul Batchelder said...

I like the 2 at a time...Now I will have to rig some of them up for next spring! I know the kitty fish was a nice fight!