Monday, May 21, 2007

Matagorda Vacation - Day 2

After a nice breakfast, coffee, and a hug, I was off in "Spot" in search of fish.

I paddled across the river and headed towards a cove just inside the west jetty.

I fished along but didn't find any fish and finally pulled in and parked near the west jetty to try my luck off the rocks.

I had thrown out the cast net before leaving and caught a few shrimp and some small crabs. I hooked up a live crab and threw it out in front of the rocks to see if I could find a red.

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Before too long I noticed two guys trying to cross the channel in a small jonboat. They had a paddle and it was a struggle to move that craft with two big guys in it across moving water.

When they cleared the channel one guy got out and pulled them across the rest of the way. They set up nearby and began fishing live croakers. I decided to head back and launched as they were getting set up. By the time I had moved off one guy caught a small trout. Soon he had another and I decided to go back and try my luck. I made several attempts at positioning the yak and anchoring but the wind kept pushing me off my spot. I finally paddled back to the same shore I had left and pulled out some of the live shrimp I had caught in the cast net.

They were small but still lively so I took the rubber shad off the twin rig and used the 1/16 oz jig heads to hook up the shrimp. By now the two guys had been fishing for almost 30 minutes and one had caught two and the other none.

On the first cast I got hit and felt the pull of a 19" speck on my line.

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After a great fight and congratulations from the other fishermen, I cast again and immediately hooked up again!

This fish was barely 15" and I released it to fight another day.

I fished for the next 30 minutes without another bite save this one:

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It was a great anniversary gift and we will be having fish for lunch tomorrow!

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Paul Batchelder said...

Very nice fish. The shrimp are a sure thing I would think this time of year. Good luck with the nature paddle tommrow!

Bawana said...

Happy Anniversary, looks like you are having a great time!