Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness on the Pier

The March Madness basketball tournament started this week and my screen name in our family Yahoo group is "Rather B Fishing" if that tells you anything.
I have been playing catch-up since I was out of the office last Friday and this Monday & Tuesday. Matt was scheduled to come home for Spring Break after his Friday classes and rather than wait for him on the couch, I decided to head to the 1st Street Pier to see if the specks were still there. We had some heavy rains during the week and the wind had switched to the North so I wasn't feeling too confident about what I might find.
I ran into a good friend and former bass fisher at lunch. I think Mr. Huskins officially has the kayak bug and we have been discussing the finer points (and health benefits) of kayaking.

He has been hearing me talk about fishing in Palacios since last Fall so when I informed him that I was about to head South he found a way to join me. Paul had never caught specks before and I was eager to see him get into them.

We arrived before sundown and fished the jetties with no success.

The fun began after dark............

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Low Tide on the Palacios Jetty

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Sunset Fisherman

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First Catch - It's a whopper

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Double Trouble

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Paul Strikes Silver

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Two nice Specks

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The Bounty of the Sea

We fished alongside a family with two young boys. The little one was a live wire and I still don't know how someone (including us) didn't end up in the water. They had been fishing unsuccessfully since about 4 PM when we arrived and after I caught the first double right in front of them on a 1" shad rig I was able to convince them to try some of the small stuff. They ended up landing some fish and I think by the time they headed in they were all happy.

Paul caught over 50 fish and I think he is officially a fan of night fishing off the 1st Street Pier. He got the whole experience - "Flipper" even made an appearance but didn't stay so long as to mess up the fishing. There were some sand trout (the first I've seen this Spring) and croaker along with lots of specks. We even saw some bait fishermen catching hardheads so that confirms that winter is over.

No keepers again but fun just the same. Matt beat me home even though he got into some traffic coming through OKC & Big "D".

"Just one more cast..."


eatmorefish said...

That looks like fun! I can't wait for them to get about another 8-10 inches on...we need to get the yaks there!!

Bawana said...

Keep the post coming, I just keep moving the push pins around on my map. Looks like you had a great time, another good trip for the UL and micro jigs.