Saturday, December 02, 2006

Friday Night Lights

The Weather Man is never right.

Generally when the forecast calls for freezing temperatures in the Houston area, our actual temps in Needville are up to 10 degrees warmer. When the latest cold front blew in on Thursday, we had colder temperatures in our fair city then those recorded at George Bush Intercontinental airport. Go figure.

Normally this wouldn't cause me much cause for alarm, but Paul & I were planning to head down to Palacios for some early morning saltwater fishing. The predicted low for Friday night/ Saturday morning was 32 degrees...

We got out of the city before the traffic got too bad and joined Tracy for dinner at Pier 36. After a few hours of shut-eye and a pot of strong coffee we bundled up and headed for the seawall. I was stylish in my custom-made hat compliments of Mrs. Bocks. Thanks Robyn!

Between us we had enough rods, hooks, and soft plastic bait to start a guide service. It turned out that the prediction was wrong again and it was a comfortable 40 degrees and calm.

When we arrived at the 1st Street Pier, I got a little suspicious since the pier was empty and there were no cars in the parking area. We decided to fish the wall down to the corner light to start off. The water level was as low as I've seen it - between the tide and the north wind a lot of water had been pushed out of the bay.

I picked up a couple of undersized specks at the light and then connected with a nice redfish that was just a hair too short to keep.

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He took the limetruse Texas Tackle Lil' Trout Killer. Paul was fishing with the 1" Double Shad rig and connected with a couple trout of his own.

I hooked up a couple of Berkley Gulp Crabs on the 10-footer and sent them for a ride thinking that I might connect with a red or black drum but that was also a non-starter.

We took a walk out to the pier but didn't have any luck there either.

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Things slowed down and I decided to try my new idea - insert a glow stick into a big grub. I use mostly glow stuff and I figured if a little is good a lot would be better.

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If there were any fish nearby they probably thought this grub had escaped from the South Texas Nuclear Plant.

I hung it up on the oyster beds and had to break off and reload. I had a 2" double shad rig loaded on 1/4 oz jig heads and decided to give that a try. I was thinking I could get out further and maybe find the fish. I picked up a keeper speck coming through the light and was hopeful this would be the ticket.

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After another hour of no action we decided to take a walk down to the little jetties near the pavilion pier. Things were quiet there as well and Paul suggested that we walk out on the big pier so he could have a look. I informed him that all I had caught or seen caught on this pier were hardheads and gaftop. We were both surprised when I connected with a speck on my first cast. I picked up a couple and then brother Paul took over. He got hot and caught the next several fish including two nice keepers.

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They were taking the Lil' Speck Killer right down on the bottom.

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The water was so clear we could see a few sheepshead working the oysters below the pier. I tried to entice them with a Berkley Gulp Shrimp but they weren't interested.

We spoke to one guy at the seawall that said he had fished the bulkhead near the boat launch area so when the daylight started breaking over the horizon we took a break and went exploring. We found a new spot where some guys were wade fishing. We watched as one guy caught fish on three of four casts and put two on his stringer.

"Note to self - Pack waders on next trip to Palacios".

Sometimes it pays to observe the locals.

We stopped off at the cleaning table and after putting the filet knife to the three keepers in the raw wind, I was thankful we didn't have too many more to clean.

I've never had a bad trip to Palacios Bay but I rate this one at the top of my list.

Being able to share a fishing trip with your brother is a treasured event. Having a couple of hours in the car to discuss life and things of a spiritual nature is priceless.

Fish on Brother!

Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.


Bawana said...

Great post JohnI feel like I was there with you. As long as your in the mood to share knowledge and secrets how about showing me how you can post 9 pictures on a Blog!

eatmorefish said...

Yes, much like watching the deer video the mental clip of that wade fisherman pulling trout stayed with me all day!It had been a while since I had been in the salt water but I am sure it won't take me long to get back.
Great job with the guide service too! Tell them, I will catch up with the tip next time......