Friday, December 30, 2005

Toon Mods

I've made a few modifications to the Pontoon Boat.

I found these Oar Rights in the Gorge Fly Shop in Hood River OR. They have a "key" which fits into the oar lock to keep the blade of the oar positioned in the water.

A basic rod holder was included as an accessory when I purchased the boat.

I also installed the Scotty fly rod holder Paul gave me.

The anchor setup included with the boat left something to be desired so I installed some pulleys to provide a way to raise & lower a small anchor from the normal front facing position.

I recently received a gift certificate to Academy Sports & Outdoors and decided to try a little modification to the seat.

The existing seat is mounted directly to the frame which provides greater stability and a lower center of gravity for use in moving water. Since I will be using the boat mostly on calm water, I wanted to try to raise the seat up a little and to add a swivel.

Initially, I installed the swivel on the bottom under the 7-1/2" pedestal. This seemed to be the easiest as far as installation but proved to be a poor choice since the stress caused by rocking and tilting affected the swivel.

I ultimately installed the swivel directly to the seat and then attached the pedestal between the seat/swivel and the frame.

I'm eager to give it a try!

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