Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March Madness

Another trip to Salt Lake City. All the hotels were full due to a convention so I had to stay in Park City (15 minutes from my favorite fishing hole). I got to fish for an hour or so this morning before heading off to the airport.

I wasn't able to bring my fly gear - just an ultralite telescoping spinning rod that I try to take with me everywhere I go.

I snapped on a 1/8 oz white rooster tail spinner and approached the pool in a stealthy crouch about 6:30 AM. The sun was just about to come up over the mountain and I hooked up on the second cast. There were several small browns in the pool and I managed to land 4 altogether. The largest was about 16" and all were full of fight.

I had enough time to head down to the Rainbow spot below the Heber Creeper tressel and landed a nice 12" bow on the green wooly bugger.

All in all it was time well spent. I saw a wild swan near the Provo in Midway, some cranes (Sandhill?) two mule deer near the tracks and a couple of hawks.

On the way to the car I saw an older gentleman and his new fly fishing buddy heading in. They were decked out in new gear and were obviously eager to get on the water. They asked me if I had any luck and after I gave them the report he showed me his "secret weapon" a rainbow scud. It was a small(18-20) light gray scud with a red collar. I'll have to look for some of these.

On the plane ride home I visited with a young passenger who was heading home after skiing with his family. We talked about fishing, school, brothers and skiing. I fired up the laptop and showed him pictures of fishing for about an hour. It sure made the time go by fast. Thanks!



George said...

Hi. Great page you have here. Has anyone seen this site yet? - trout fishing. I was amazed by the pics in the pdf they're giving away, so I'm looking for someone who knows if this guy is on the level, before I make any judgements.

Zachary said...

Hi. Came accross this site today - fly reels. I believe it's new and I was amazed by the pics in the pdf they're giving away, so I'm looking for recommendations from someone who knows, before I decide on anything from them.